Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Love, Forgiveness and Lessons Learned

This girl right here. This gorgeous, funny, smart, crazy, wild girl right here...


I learn so much from her about life, about God, about love, about forgiveness. Just seems to go on and on.

Yesterday - she had a challenging day at school. Long story short - she and I ended up at the house while the rest of the fam was swimming because she had some apology letters to write.

And she did - with zero hesitation. She wrote things like:

"I am sorry for my behavior," and "Will you forgive me?"

She folded 'em up, put 'em in envelopes and addressed them.

But then I slid her the fourth page - and she said "But daddy - there were only three..."

And after some tears, some hugs, some prayers and some love - she wrote the hardest one she had to write.

This is what it said:

This was a big, BIG deal. This girl is fiercely hard on herself. She probably gets that from me.

But I'll tell ya what... I'll die trying to help her understand the forgiving love of Jesus. Grace. And how to forgive herself.

This morning - I walked into school with her - holding her hand - as she walked up to three people - two teachers and one student - looked them right in the eyes, said "I am sorry" and handed them her notes.

It took everything this dad right here had to hold it together.

Tonight - before bed - I told her how stinking proud I was of her. She hugged me and said "I'm glad you were with me today daddy."

At this age - we're structuring how they will come to know and understand and see God. She needed to see me there with her.

I am so glad I was there with you today too, Meron. I will walk with you through ANYTHING and EVERYTHING girl.

Oh... and the lessons learned? They were learned by me.

I need to be more like her.

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