Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Paragon Night

Last week was "Paragon Night" at the girls school. What's that ya ask? Paragon is their curriculum's social studies classes - and they were doing a presentation for the school

Here's where it gets kinda nutty - Meron and Mebbie were chosen to represent their ENTIRE GRADE - not just their class but all of kindergarten and first grade - in a presentation from the stage.

They got to dress like what they were studying, design a poster and read tot he whole school...

Mebbie got to "Walk Like An Egyptian" since her grade was studying Ancient Egypt.

Meron got to rock a Kid Rock fur dress since her grade was studying the Stone Age.

Little Mebski Love - with all of her Minnie Mouse vocals - kicked the whole thing off. I was SO PROUD of her - she projected, read her piece into the mic and stayed calm!

Meron was next and was full of caveman swagger and confidence as she rocked out her reading as well!

Next they got to show us some of their handiwork...

As we visited their classes and heard about all they do during the day!

Of course they had to show off some of their artwork as well!

Love the puffs Mebbie!

Shortly afterwards - we walked back home - and as I watched my two little girls walking - I was competing with the sun with my beaming pride.

Girls - so incredibly proud of you guys - keep up the AMAZING work and hang in there Z-Dogg - your times coming!

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