Friday, September 19, 2014

She LOVES Her Family

This girl right here absolutely LOVES her family. I mean - with a love like I've not seen elsewhere.

Here she is holding her little brother who is holding the card she made for him today at school.

But she didn't stop there. Nope...

Here she is with her sister and the card she made for her today!

And the one for mommy!

And the one for daddy, too...

She made them during "Fun Friday" at school. Which means she was sitting around in class just thinking about her crew. I love that so much about her...

The cards she wrote said things like:

"You're the best sister. Love, Meron"

"You're the best mom. Love, Meron"

"To Z-Dogg. You're the best brother."

"You're the best dad"
Her love is so obvious - it wraps itself around us in a constant hug.

She was SO EXCITED to pull these out of her backpack and hand deliver them today...

Meron... YOU are the best girl.

We all owe you cards... coming soon girl!

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