Saturday, September 13, 2014

Six Times Around

This girl right here has ENDLESS energy. Endless I tell you.

This morning - possibly helped out by the "donuts for breakfast" daddy provided - she was on SUPER 10. Barely able to contain herself.

Mommy's answer?

"Go run 6 laps around the circle outside..."
Problem solved folks!

Meron headed out the door with zero hesitation.

I heard her tell our neighbor, "My mom said I need to run around the circle 6 times..."

And then she was gone!

Our neighbor was smiling while Meron was SMOKING a trail around that circle!

The last lap she literally sprinted all out...

Funny thing? It didn't really poop her out. Maybe for like 5 minutes...

But it was Saturday folks - and this girl doesn't rest on a weekend!

Way to stay crazy, Meron!

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