Sunday, September 7, 2014

Zechie Day 2014!

So how does one celebrate Zechie Day - you know - the celebration of the day this little dude came to be in our family?

With ice cream for dinner of course!

With his big sisters as company - cuz he wouldn't have it any other way!

I am pretty sure somebody was digging it!

Yep. Confirmed. He was.

See... a year ago today this picture was taken right after Laura got back from a whirlwind one-nght stay in Ethiopia to pick up our dude.

He changed the face of our family portrait immediately...

And hasn't stopped since! (more hair - blocking out my ugly mug - YAY!)

Here's his airport homecoming video - we always go back and watch these every time we celebrate a kid's day - to see just how far they have come and how much they changed us!

Gets me every single time. So much redemption has taken place since that day...

there is NO shortage of love for this crazy man in our house!

His mommy adores him and pours truth and love into him every single day!

his daddy (he calls me "my daddy!") just barely tries to contain him - cuz I bring out the maniac in him!

Mebbie fights with him like a big sister should - but loves him fiercely... and can't walk by him without kissing his big noggin!

And meron simply adores every single thing about him! She is one super proud big sister!

Z-Dogg... you are loved my man!

You are a precious gift from God and this family was built from the beginning of time to include you. We are so happy you are here - we are a better Camp Hoffman because you're in it.


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