Monday, October 6, 2014

Dear Meron / Dear Dad

I had to discipline last night. Tougher stuff - like "go to bed earlier than your little sister" kind of stuff.

That's like maximum security prison punishment around these parts.

I hate doing this. I know it's necessary - but I hate it.

When I crawled in bed to pray with her last night - I asked her if she was upset or mad at me. She held her fingers up like that up there and said "Just a tad."

I told her that was okay - and that it would happen a zillion more times in life.

But it lived with me through the night and into this morning - and as usual - it manifested itself in a rhyme I called "Dear Meron." It went like this:

your 6 years old... and I know that it's rough,
cuz life at this age can just be so darn tough;

what with schooling and bullying and all kinds of rules,
new friends and peer pressure and trying to be cool;

homework and bedtimes and discipline too,
I mean seriously - come on! What's a little girl to do?

But I want you to know that your daddy? He sees it.
And while this moment in time - I would rather just freeze it;

I know that I can't cuz you'll just keep on growing,
And the truth is - half the battle is simply just knowing;

So I'm trying to know what's important to you,
The things that make you happy and even sad too;

Cuz by knowing your life and your loves and your passions,
The foods that you like and your favorite new fashions;

I can inch a little closer to knowing your heart,
All that other stuffs cool - but your hearts the best part!

And by knowing your heart I can know what to guard,
Ya see daddy's is scarred - because life can be hard;

But yours? It's brand new - it's so full of God's love!
Full of kindness and innocence and things from above;

It's that heart that you carry around in your chest,
That I'm here to protect. Trying to do that the best.

So on days when you're angry at me - just a tad,
Please know I'm not mad... I'm just being your dad.

When I picked her up from school - I played it normal - just hugs and high fives and she was as happy as could be.

After we walked home - she slipped her backpack off and said "Daddy - I have something for you... close your eyes."

And she handed me this:

It was a letter she wrote to me. Today.

Translated it says:

"Dear Dad,
I hope you are having a good day. How is your lunch? Is it good? You are the best dad that you could ever have.
From, Meron
Bite lip. Fight tears. Heart explosion...

I told her she had NO idea how much this meant to me - especially today. And then I read her my poem.

"I love you daddy," was her response.

Two people. Ages apart. Heading off to their days. But thinking about each other.

DNA doesn't mean a thing.

Thank you God for connecting hearts and weaving lives like only You can...

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Mary DeGennaro said...

Well that brought tears to my eyes!