Sunday, October 5, 2014

Fall Traditions

For the last 6 years I think - we have a had a fall tradition of heading to the mountains to pick apples, have hayrides and generally be farmers for a day with some of our very best friends.

And while those friends are all still back in Atlanta - we were determined to continue the fun.

Laura found "Anderson Farms" and it seemed as good as any place could be - so we hopped in the car and made the drive!

Any place with a GIGANTIC pumpkin on a silo has to know what they're doing, right?

We started off with some fun pedal go kart races...

That even Z-Dogg got to enjoy!

Mebbie's short legs couldn't drive the big ones but she OWNED the short track!

Next it was a barrel train ride... which was literally a train of barrels cut open for us to hop in. Pulled by a lawn tractor.

If we were missing the redneck roots of Georgia - this ride fixed that for us!

After a chorus of "please can we ride the horses!" - the whole goofball gang got to posse up!

Meron looked like a natural on the biggest horse out there...

And Mebbie brought a little Hollywood to the ride with her big ole glasses!

In GA - we always got to milk a cow named ButterCup and rock a sticker afterwards.

Well - no ButterCup here - but we did have this beast. I didn't catch his name nor did we try to milk him.

We thought we might lose the crew as they headed through a maze...

But all of them - this dude included - were too good at it...

So we locked them up in jail - and they played the parts well!

Next this little leader led us through a corn maze. They have a 3.5 mile one but we opted for the shorter .4 mile one!

We'd still be there if we hadn't.

Finally - it was time for the pumpkin picking.

Here - instead of piling them up and letting you choose - they pile YOU in a wagon and tote you out to the pumpkin patches.

It was literally acres and acres of pumpkins - as far as you could see!

The hunt was on!

Mebbie quickly fell in love with a perfectly round medium sized one...

While Z-Dogg was absolutely digging his little white gourd and couldn't be convinced that any other one was for him!

Meron - of course - chose one of the biggest ones she could lay her eyes on.

With pumpkins in hand - we piled back in our wagon to head back to the main farm area.

We passed this gigantic creepy pumpkin head thing on the way in - and I think we were all a little happy that nightfall wasn't any time soon!

Back at the farm... we were tired.

We paid for our pumpkins - took one last picture and headed to the cars.

While it sure wasn't the same without our crew of usual suspects - we still managed to have a fun time!

Anderson Farms... we'll be back!

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La Dolce Vita: The Sweet Life said...

Oh, man. Makes us sad. You were missed at the orchard.

Looks like a fun day under that crazy awesome pumpkin silo.