Wednesday, October 22, 2014

I Came, I Saw, I Conditioned...

It was time.

I thought maybe I could just wet it down, pull it back and let it ride - and it was looking good for school - but it was gonna be a hot mess for Laura when she got back.

So it was time...

Tub filled with toys, prayers were said... and I dove in!

It was hair conditioning night people!

I think the end result was pretty darn good if I must say so myself!

Not perfect.

Definitely not Laura-Level.

But better than it was!

And the Jiffy-Pop nighttime princess hat means only one thing...

She wants to wear it down tomorrow to school!

I think that means I did okay... but that wasn't all.

Mebbie brought me a challenge as well!

But I didn't back down.

With white knuckles of fear I took down her single puff... conditioned her good - brushed it out...

And put it back in dualie puffs - at her request!

Girls - those two hours of my life tonight were some of the best I've spent. I don't get to do that very often - and just caring for you guys while you played and were kids was... well... it was awesome.

Thanks for entertaining me - and thanks for having awesome hair.

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Love this!