Saturday, November 1, 2014

Seven. The Girl Just Turned Seven...

Meron turned 7 today.

7 years old. Nuts to me...

I could sit here and write pages and pages and pages about this girl.

About how God took a tiny little 7 month old baby and jammed her WHOLE entire being into my heart and how she's been flowing forth out of it ever since.

I could write about how much she has taught me.

How to love. Unconditionally.

How to live. Full speed, no holds barred.

How to chase Him. Full on - unashamed and uncaring of what the world thinks of her.

I could write about being saved by adoption.

Not HER, silly. You know I don't think that's the case.

I'm talking about me. Saved. I have been witness to His life-altering, eternity-granting, uncut, raw, grace-filled, redemptive love. For me.

And it saved me. And He used HER.

I could talk about her leadership. Meron is a God-made, born leader.

She's gonna do gigantic things in life - and that was gonna happen regardless of where she landed. Just so happened God had in mind for our family to include her - so I am blessed to have a ring-side seat to watch her grow and thrive.

I could write about... so much more.

But instead - because I was gone almost all day - I am going to go do the one thing she asked of me.

We're gonna go downstairs and fall asleep together on the couch. Her watching some meaningless Netflix show and me silently thanking God for a gift I didn't and still don't deserve.

Happy Birthday Big Girl.. your light shines so bright!

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Jennifer Delamarter said...

Happy birthday, Meron!!! May God
bless you with many wonderful years
of life and draw you closer and
closer to Himself every day!