Sunday, November 30, 2014

Two Thousand Five Hundred (and counting)...

Today - this right here - is our 2,500th blog post!

Kinda blows my mind when I think back to starting this thing in 2007 and looking at Laura and saying:

"We're not gonna become one of those crazy blogging families..."
Ha ha... oops. Too Late.

But ya know what? We wouldn't change a thing.

We keep writing this thing to create the biggest digital scrapbook we possibly can - and along the way we've been given the opportunity to meet a bunch of really cool people...

Like this week...

This week we got the chance to meet somebody who has been reading our blog for a while... a friend of my sister and an all around great person!

And while she didn't wanna have her picture on the blog (we tried - believe me - even Meron said "Awww - come on - you'll be on the blog!") - we thought she still needed to be celebrated. So that's what we're doing!

We absolutely LOVE meeting people who come along this crazy little journey of life we're on. Because we've found that they cheer with ya - and pray with ya - and everything in between.

We pray one thing over and over and over - every single night - that God would help us be a family that tries to bring glory to Him in all we say and all we do.

And it goes without saying that this extends to our blog. We pray that is what it has been these last 7+ years.

While we never set out to have folks reading this thing - we wanna say thanks to every one of ya - there's been MANY times when we almost tossed in the towel on this thing. Your words of encouragement and prayers have played a big part in keeping these posts going.

Here's to 7 more years of daily antics and finding ways to see God in every single day...


Mary DeGennaro said...

Your blog is one of my favorites....I check it out practically every day to see what is going on with the family.....especially those adorable kids!!!! Your blog is such an encouragement, and I love all the simple things you do with your kids. What memories they are going to have!!!!
Keep up the great work!!!!

Unknown said...

you're incredibly kind Mary - thank you!!