Monday, December 15, 2014

Happy Birthday Papa

That's Laura's awesome dad right there. Also known as "papa" to the rest of us.

And he was one heck of a Papa to his grand-kids. And the closest thing I will ever know to a dad.

Last September - after a wicked impressive battle with cancer - he went home to be with his heavenly Father. And today - he would have been 75 years old.

Laura was feeling down - until Meron listened to her heart and said:

"Let's have a birthday party for Papa!"
She hears God whisper to her and she's not afraid to listen.

A birthday party is just what was needed.

Meron knew Papa would be 75 today so she suggested we add the numbers together and put 12 candles on the tiny little cupcake!

Laura was already cheering up!

Then we all gathered around and sang "Happy Birthday!" to Papa at the top of our lungs.

And for the record - I am glad I was off camera. Because looking at Meron singing to her Papa who is in Heaven while staring at her mommy who she was doing this all for...

That was just too much for me man. Either that or I got some dust in both my eyes at the same time...

And then - after a collective blowing out of Papa's candles...

We all dug in and had some cupcakes and ice cream in his honor!

Our memories of Papa bring out smiles like this...

And I am forever blessed by the things God did to make sure this little dude met his Papa...

One day... Z-Dogg will get all this and understand just how big a deal it was.

Tonight we had an earthly celebration for the memory of an amazing man who was celebrating at the same time - enjoying his birthday with the Creator who made him.

Meron - you have no idea what you did this evening.

Your plans can be wild, sporadic, insane, nutty and full of crazy...

But tonight girl? What you did for mommy? Tonight you nailed it.

Thank you sweet girl for helping us remember Papa like kids should...

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