Monday, December 8, 2014

Lambda Lambda Lambda and Omega Mu

Spirit week kicked off this week at school and today was "Nerd Day."

And even though Meron wasn't feeling well - and eventually ended up coming home early - she put in an extra good effort!

I mean... seriously? Mebbie was rocking the cutest nerd look ever.

And she loved it - wearing her glasses for like 2 hours last night!

The nerd get up brought out the CRAZY in Meron - for sure... (it doesn't take much!)

And these looks and poses were all theirs... they had me cracking up!

Together - they made nerdery look extra cool!

Laura was all worried about what to do to pull it off - but I was confident!

I mean come on... we had a TON to work with!

And they embraced it full on!

Girls - you guys are two of the coolest, cutest nerds the world has seen!

Nerd On!

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