Wednesday, December 3, 2014

One More Question...

I had an incredibly deep conversation tonight with these three goofballs... about God.

Wait - let's be honest - Z-Dogg was spinning around in circles acting wild trying to stay awake.

Meron was laying in my lap - half asleep - asking the occasional question but secure in her faith - she embodies "faith like a child."

And then there was Mebbie. Sweet, sweet, deep-thinking Mebski Love.

Full of curiosity. Full of deep thoughts.

"Okay - can I ask just one more question?"
She said about 10 times...
"Where does God live?"

"Why can't I see Him? Is He like... invisible?"

"He really made... everything?"

"So - before He made the stars and stuff - and it was just dark.. He was just sitting around in the dark?"

"Who made God?"

"How does He make hearts?"

"I am confused - does He make some hearts that love Him and some that don't?"
And on and on and on.

And it got deeper and deeper and deeper.

And I would have sat there all night - all week really - talking to her about this stuff. But finally she looked at me - kinda worn out - and said:
"Daddy... I just don't get some of it. Some of it doesn't make sense to me."
From my 6 year old... with a dropped head and sad eyes.

I told her that was PERFECTLY normal - that daddy feels the same way a lot of the times.

We talked about God desiring her to chase after Him - to seek His word - to seek guidance. We talked about wisdom - and how if she wanted to better know the nature of God - she could ask Him for wisdom.

Finally - we told her she matters. That God breathed life in to her, crafted her very spirit and soul with his bare, huge Godly hands and He made her to come back to Him. But that she had a choice.

She took it all in. And knowing our girl - she's down there in her bed right now praying for God to give her wisdom.

And I trust He will...

My prayers tonight before bedtime were SO FULL of thanks. More so than they've been in a long time.

These curious minds are gonna change the world.

I can't wait to watch where He takes them.

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