Sunday, December 7, 2014

We've Got A Show For You...

I love hearing those words.

"We've got a show for you!"
It means they have put some effort into something creative and they wanna get their performance on!

Yes - it happens very, very often.

Yes, sometimes I am too busy for it - and not giving them my all.

And yes, I wanna be better about that.

Because one day? Well - one day they won't wanna do shows for us anymore. They'll be too busy, too preoccupied or too involved in other things to have time for shows for us.

So I have a new goal of soaking 'em all in now.

This one started with a sign that said this:
"I have the best perins in the hol wid world. Love Meron"
Translation: "I have the best parents in the whole wide world. Love, Meron."

Seriously... they could have stopped there - they had me with their sign!

But they didn't. Next up - Mebbie had a solo for us...

With tears welling up in her eyes and eventually rolling down her cheeks she sang about how much she loved us, loved her family and was blessed by God. She even added this line in there:
"I love you guys so much so I will never, ever try to run away..."
Well - that is very good to know Mebski Love!

Finally - Meron wrapped it up with her solo - which included precious words about her parents and her love for us.

And a dope background dancer.

These moments. These tiny, little 5 minute moments.

These are what God built us for I think...

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