Wednesday, January 28, 2015

40 Never Looked Hotter!

Tonight - we celebrated the 40 years of life that God has given to this Hot lady...

The goofball gang HATES when I say that (so I say it often...)!

From Starbucks cards...

to all kinds of handpicked goodies...

We all tried to spoil mommy!

Of course - I had to include a rhyme for her...

there's this girl that I know, the best girl that I know,
my best friend on this planet for 15 years or so,

and today is her day cuz today - dare I say?
Yes today she is having her 40th birthday;

And 40 can be scary if you're not prepared,
But this girl, she's on point so I know she ain't scared;

She's fit and she's healthy, she's mentally wealthy,
40 barely found her - she's older age stealthy;

she's fine and she's hot and I tell her a lot,
And the kids think we're crazy - I can't say we're not;

But we've had lots of fun in the things that we've done,
Yeah God has been crazy - it's been quite a run;

To watch this girl grow and become better with age,
Is a privilege - I'm blessed to with her share the stage;

And to watch God in her and her story unfold,
As she gave it to Him, living life uncontrolled,

Has been without a doubt the best years of my life,
I'm a much better man cuz of my much better wife;

And her love for her kids - yes HER kids - that God gave her
Is so strong - I'll be honest I know no one braver;

She's my heart, she's my soul, she's my silly old fool,
She turned 40 today so I guess she's "old school"

She's destroyed old age like its name was Gomorrah,
So today - we all celebrate the life of our Laura!

I think her favorite gift of all though - was having her mom here to celebrate with her!

Laura - this crew adores you - we're blessed by you and we can't wait to celebrate 40 more years together with you!

Thank You God - for making the best wife, mommy and friend EVER!

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