Monday, January 12, 2015

His Story - Their Telling

So - we almost always have at least one or two creative, fun projects brewing up our sleeves - and this one is gonna be one of my favorites I think.

I've tapped Meron as an author and Mebbie as an illustrator - to tell the story of Brighton - their brother - through their eyes.

We're taking our time and not rushing it...

But it's starting to come together!

Eventually - we're gonna get it printed and sell it as a fundraiser for Brighton Their World!

When I watch these girls write and draw about their brother - my heart wants to explode.

I can't wait to piece the writing together with the illustrations.

The story is powerful by itself.

But when told by his sisters - it soars to a whole new level of impact.

God did have different plans for Brighton. BIG PLANS.

HUGE plans that only God could envision and see through to fruition.

And I am forever grateful to Him for inviting us along on His mission...

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