Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Two Merons!

Camp Hoffman officially has two Merons we're praying for!

No - we didn't clone the Meronator - the world isn't ready for that yet..

But we do wanna introduce ya to the other Meron - our new sponsor child through Compassion International!

Last night at prayer time - we included prayers for her and her family - and afterwards our Meron said:

"Okay - that was weird. I thought you were talking about me... Gonna take some getting used to!"
So since the other Meron is 4 years old - we have decided to refer to her as "Little Meron" so we know who we're talking about around here!

And the kids are pumped about it too! I came home from work tonight and Mebbie was super excited to show me her "Little Meron" she had made.

They're thinking about her during the day and that's the biggest thing I could ask for!

I can't wait to spend time with the goofball gang talking to them about Little Meron and her life.

And I'm even more excited for them to start corresponding.

Working at Compassion - I see first hand how sponsorship works. Its orphan care at it's best - keeping families intact and doing it all in the name of Jesus.

I absolutely love the way they work through the local church to release these kids from the terrible grip of poverty. Wanna see a quick story of what it means to these kids to be sponsored? Check out the video below. It's six and a half minutes - but watch the whole thing... you won't be sorry.

Wanna get involved? Wanna play a part in releasing kids from poverty? Check out this list of waiting children - all waiting for 9 months or longer to hear those words:
"You've been sponsored!"
You can make a difference.

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