Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy "She Said Yes!" Day

I know, I know... it's terribly cliche... but 13 years ago this crazy lady said "Yes!" when instead of a $75 rose, I gave her a ring and a question for Valentine's Day...

And it's been a wild ride ever since!

We try hard not to go all Hallmark on this "holiday..."

The commercialism, the consumerism... it just kinda gets icky and feels a bit forced.

So we celebrate it a little low-key.

A few SMALL gifts - that brought BIG excitement!

LOTS and LOTS of hugging and telling each other how much we love 'em...

And then - to wrap it all up - strawberry shortcake ice cream cool whip chocolate delights.

From our camp to yours - Happy "She Said Yes!" Day!

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