Thursday, February 19, 2015

Many Months Of Meron

81 months to be exact!

A picture from each month she's been in our world!

We're blessed beyond belief by you big girl!

Can't wait to watch the rest of your journey - you know we'll be journeying right alongside ya!


Thurieyyah said...

I can't believe how big Meron is. I can still remember the first day I stumbled upon your blog here in cyberspace and I instantly fell in love with her and your inspiring story, I couldnt wait to log in each day to hear what was new in the land of "The Hoffman's" from the heartbreak of losing Brighton to you bring home Mebbi...I was there...and then things got hectic my side and i didnt log in as often as before , but you guys were always on my mind, but I knew God had you in His hands and you very save and sound. Then yesterday you guys crossed my mind and I searched and found you guys... and what a nice surprise it was to see you had grown by another little one...(at least it was a boy this time, so the girls no longer outnumbered you LOL)... and I was sad yet happy to read that even though they would have been outnumbered you again, the birth mother came back (and I wish them all of the best)...but don't you worry, have faith, stay strong... you'll soon have another. I'm back and I'll be checking in again each and everyday...right after I've caught up with the months of blog entries that is! Lotsa love to all of you!

Unknown said...

hey!! welcome back and thanks fr those super kind words!