Saturday, February 7, 2015

Morning Meron Miles

I wish she would sleep in... believe me... I do.

Especially on Saturday.

But it's just not who she is.

So this morning - as she filled and ran our dishwasher, banged around in the kitchen and then at 6:40 - came in and said "Can I lay with you guys?" - I decided to try a new tactic.

"Meron - go get your running shoes on and a jacket..." I said groggily as I drug myself outta bed.

If I was gonna be lying there awake I may as well do something productive.

She was PUMPED!

We laced up and hit the trails that run through the neighborhood (her still in her pajamas).

We talked. Laughed. Hugged. Held hands.

We raced every now and then.

We pointed out houses we each liked.

And we covered almost 2 miles before we made it home for me to make breakfast.

I would have LOVED to have slept in later this morning.

But I wouldn't trade that time this morning with her FOR ANYTHING.

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