Thursday, March 12, 2015

Number 5

So... yeah. I guess God isn't done building family 'round these parts.

We're back in the game people. We got room. We got love. It just makes sense.

And to the precious little girl we're FEVERISHLY PRAYING FOR - let me tell ya about your brothers and sisters.

One of them... Brighton - is watching over ya from Heaven. We're praying daily that he's got God's ear and he's whispering our prayers into that ear - that God protects you, holds you close, keeps you physically healthy and spiritually strong.

Oh yeah - and that He lets ya know you're a HOFFMAN.

You have a bigger sister who is one of the deepest thinkers we know. We asked her what we should do about all this and she was ALL THE WAY IN.

Get ready for lots of make believe with this one - and dress up and playing.

And she is also our resident prayer warrior and she has already started praying for YOU little girl!

Sisterhood doesn't stop there!

Cuz your other big sister - the oldest in the goofball gang - is DYING to get you here. She is telling anybody who will listen about you.

Get ready girl - life with Meron is fast and furious - but she loves as hard as she lives and you are already being bathed in that love.

And guess what - she doesn't know it yet - but we think she's gonna come over with us when we travel to see you! So get ready...

And then there's your bigger brother. And when I say "bigger" I mean age - cuz he's a tiny guy but he's a mighty force to be reckoned with.

And we are so excited for him to experience what both of his older sisters have already done - praying their sibling home.

Ya know how much your brothers and sisters love you?

Today - all on their own - they went and emptied their piggy banks out and counted it all out.

$88 dollars - and they gave it ALL to the adoption fund to get you home.

That's the most precious seed money and the most wisely invested money I have ever seen.

Your family loves you. We're praying for you. We're hustling right now to make things move for you.

And we're coming to get ya soon!

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Mary DeGennaro said...

Yay!!!!! So happy for you and the family. Can't wait to follow you on this adventure to get your little girl....won't Meron be so excited!!!!!!!