Friday, March 20, 2015

Their Heart Growth, Strength and Maturity

Sometimes... I wonder how our goofballs feel about us and the emphasis we have around here on God, His nature, knowing Him, etc.

Like... do they or will they resent us for it? Would they rather us have a monthly "toy budget" instead of saving for adoptions or trips to Ethiopia?

Would they rather us lavish gifts and STUFF on them than try to keep a focus on others and their needs before our own?

Will they even care that we prayed for ambulances, Christians abroad and anybody else that asked us to pray?

I wonder this stuff.

But then I see these three and how they interact. With each other, with us and with those outside our family.

How quick they are to run to each others' sides and rally around each other when one is down, hurt or sad.

How fiercely they love, how quickly they forgive, how deeply they care and how richly they give.

I see all that... and I don't wonder any more.

These guys get it.

They've seen a lot, lived a lot and experienced a lot in their short lives.

Their hearts are stronger and more mature than most any I know.

And I'm a better dad, dude and human for having known them...

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