Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Dear Birth Dad

It's not lost on me that my fatherhood is born out of some painful, painful places of hurt and difficult decisions.

The adoption community lifts up birth mothers highly - and rightfully so. I admire, love and respect each and every one of them. Birth fathers though - ya don't hear too much of them.

Today - i had thoughts of those guys just running through my mind. I posted this little rhyme on Facebook but wanted to put it here too - to come back to when I need a reminder of the pain that brought my joy to me.

Dear Birth Dads
I don't think about you always - but there's days when I really do,
I sit and ponder all the questions - the what, where, why and who;

I sit and try to put on your shoes but the truth is they never fit,
Cuz you let go of something precious so that I could grab hold of it;

You let go of lots of laughter and smiles and lots of giggles,
You let go of piggy backs and tickles that lead to wiggles;

You let go of kindergarten and dates and sports and games,
You let go of oh so much - but guess what? I kept their names;

You let go of discipline and learning filled with great love,
You let go of years of growth and seeing what they're made of;

You let go of hugging necks, kissing boo-boos and being there,
But I don't think I'll ever believe you let go of how much you care;

I imagine every day you count the cost of letting go,
So from where I sit today - there's some things that you should know;

Your little girls are great - their souls are filled with glee,
And they've been nothing short of miracles to both my wife and me;

They are healthy, they are strong, they're the lyrics to my theme song,
They are everything that's right on the days when things seem wrong;

They are loving, they are caring, they baffle with great behavior,
I like to think that we teamed up - ya know nurture mixed up with nature;

But the the biggest thing of all - and I need you to believe this,
Is that these girls - they both love God - they are warriors for Jesus;

And finally - you should know - there's something I WON'T let go,
It's the respect I have for you and the love your decision showed.

To the birth fathers out there - all over the planet - fist bumps and respect to you guys.

And lots of love...

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