Sunday, April 19, 2015

Leaving Tracks On The Track

Today was the first meet for the spring Land Sharks Running Club season.

And with temperatures hovering around 40-ish... it was a chilly one!

Last Fall was a cross country season - but the Spring was being held on a local high school track... so I was PUMPED.

We had told them to take their jackets off before the first sprint race - but the cold won out.

I really thought it would slow them down - running with like an open parachute around them...

But Meron didn't let that slow her down at all as she cruised across the finish line first and kinda by herself.

Mebbie decided to leave her jacket on too - AND come outta the start all starting block style!

No worries for her either as she easily won that heat of hers too!

Next race was the 400 meter. Meron decided to take it up a notch and lost the jacket and kicked up the seriousness and focus...

Much like she lives life - she came off that start line at full speed!

She managed to hold the lead for about 200 meters before falling back a bit.

I was SOOOO proud of her - she didn't stop at all and came across that line in a respectable third place!

Mebbie was up next - and I am really feeling like this might be her race.

After some lost time when she didn't merge in on time - she had a little ground to make up.

And did she ever!

She ran with such control and confidence...

And by the time she crossed that finish line - she was about 35 meters ahead of second place!

Not only did she win kindergarten girls in the open 400 - she had faster times than all kindergarten boys and first grade girls as well!

Girls - you know as well as I do that this was never about winning - it was about honoring Him, glorifying Him and praising Him for the talents He has given you.

And you did that so well. Daddy couldn't be any prouder of the two of you tonight...

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