Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Dynamic Duo

Man - we are so stinking blessed to be called to be the parents of these kids. They never cease to amaze me.

Like today - I am rarely home to go pick up from school - but today I got to and they came sprinting to me with some great news from both of them.

First there was this girl. She has been working SO HARD to try and earn 100 purple days. Purple is the highest behavioral color you can get in her class. And she's been tracking it daily on a little whiteboard on the fridge...

And today she got to switch it out to 100!

Then there's this little gem!

She came out holding a slick little letter that declared her this...

"Student of the Month!"

It had some incredibly kind words written about our girl - and she gets to attend a pancake breakfast with the principal and invite one other guest...

Who ya think she wants to bring?

You guessed it...


I hope their sisterhood NEVER stops growing and deepening.

Girls - daddy can't stop smiling tonight when I think of how awesome you guys have done this year!

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