Thursday, May 14, 2015

Great Teachers

I feel like we keep winning the teacher lottery when it comes to the girls and their teachers.

That's Mrs. Payne right there - and Mebbie adores her.

She loves Mebbie so much too. She nominated her for student of the month and she showed up this past Monday to cheer on Mebbie in her last track meet!

And then there's Mrs. Cole.

Meron thinks the absolute world of her. And so do we.

She and her husband showed up tonight at the girls' ballet and musical theater performance - complete with big bags of popcorn from Coles Popcorn - their awesome popcorn shop.

See what I mean? Not just great educators - all around GREAT PEOPLE.

You got good teachers too? Hug 'em, high five 'em or just tell 'em "Thanks!"

Thanks so much Mrs. Cole and Mrs. Payne for loving on or girls the way you do - we're grateful!

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