Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day

This girl right here... I don't even know where to start.

I could go on for days and days and days and days. I am so blessed by her. Blessed to call her my best friend, blessed to call her my wife... and BEYOND blessed and privileged to call her the mother of our kids.

She's our family rock star.

And this morning she was treated like one - complete with high fives from low places and the meron paparazzi-patrol as she rolled out for the breakfast we made for her.

At church we got to get a little goofy with the photo booth they set up - but let's be honest - that pales in comparison to the goofiness of our day to day!

I have just been amazed to be invited along to watch her motherhood blossom and grow over the last 8 years. And of course today couldn't sneak by without some rhymes for her!

made a mommy at first by a boy who was birthed,
from a woman on the opposite side of the earth;

and by chances or maybe by her circumstances,
or the lack of resources or the needed finances;

a choice had to be made in his first 30 days,
a choice that was simultaneously mourned and was praised;

and that choice that I'd never ever wish for another,
that choice - in an instant - made you into a mother;

and that title was big and the shoes - man you wore 'em,
as our new little boy - still unseen - you adored him;

but then God - in His sovereign approach to our lives,
came and took Brighton home while He opened our eyes;

But His work wasn't done and His love was still caring,
As He led us through heartbreak and out of it with Meron;

And your motherhood blossomed and grew like a tree,
with good solid roots - it was awesome to see!

With my very own eyes I soon came to realize,
that infertility fills our heads all up with lies;

Because here right before me, the best mother stood,
Born from love and from guidance and a heart that was good;

And if that wasn't enough to show the depth of your heart,
A couple years later - again we would start;

And so Mebbie came home - and that journey was trying,
Full of prayers and of love and some motherly crying;

And then - there you sat - the best mommy of three,
I thought - "Ha... I would never have guessed this to be..."

"The life that we'd live but it's ours and I love it."
And if motherhood was baseball - man you golden-gloved it;

But God - cuz He knows - thought that you had some room,
To love an earthly boy - and I needed one soon!

So after waiting and praying and leaning on scripture,
That crazy ole Z-Dogg... he entered the picture,

And the last year or so has been awesome to watch,
As your motherhood skills have been kicked up a notch;

While I'm thankful for days to lift you up over others,
Every day I am grateful that you're this family's mother.

Laura - from the bottom of my heart - THANK YOU for the incredible mom you are.

I'm a better person because of how you live your life.


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