Sunday, May 31, 2015

He Funds What He Favors

The last 2 days they had been talking about it.

Their "Lemonade and Cookie" stand to raise funds for their mission trip to Ethiopia this fall. And today was the first day.

They were pumped. Kindly yelling out "Lemonade and cookies!" to most anybody who would listen.

True to most fundraising quests for His work - satan attacked early when two boys yelled "Shut up! Stop saying that!"

Daddy intervened on that one - with beard, sunglasses and camo boonie hat in place. They didn't say anything else to us...

I had warned the girls that even if NOBODY showed up - their hearts and spirits had impressed daddy so much. When on earth will I learn to trust Him?

After a slight rain delay - we had some visits from some incredibly generous friends who by simply showing up encouraged our little fundraisers more than they'll ever know.

By the time they had packed it up to call it quits - they were looking at $125 in the bucket!

Once inside - Laura and I heard some shuffling and some noises and then the girls came out and tossed this on the table:

They had taken the rest of their own money they could find and Meron said:

"We just want to go on the trip so bad... so here's all of our money we have - we put it all together."
And this brought the day's grand total to $158.91

Girls - that ain't bad at all for a first day of fundraising with some rain delays and little advertizing!

Keep up the amazing work and no matter what comes of it - know this - your mommy and daddy are SO PROUD OF YOU!

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