Friday, May 22, 2015

Her Journal Entry: My Famlee

Laura messaged me at work and said "Come home... I gotta show you something..."

Curious and kinda worried - I was out the door quick. I got home and she met me in the hallway carrying that journal up there.

As school is coming up to an end - the kids are getting to bring stuff home. And that is Meron's journal that she had been writing in for the whole year.

Talk about a blessing... great stories written by Meron. I love it.

And with tears in her eyes - Laura turns to the second entry and hands it to me...

Early in the year she was struggling with spacing - so let me translate this one for ya:

"My Family

The Hoffman's Story. A little boy named Brighton, he had died. Then we made a ministry called Brighton Their World. It is a fun ministry.

We can feed babies all around the world. Our family is Christian and this is a true story. It's an emotional story. I know because I was in it.

I miss him sooooooooooo much. He was what made our family cool. He was the most loving boy on the earth.

Love Meron. To Brighton."
And - well now my eyes were filled with tears. A lot of them.

I called Meron in there and tried to talk to her... I barely got anything out.

It just showed us man... stuff we talk about. Stuff we care about. Stuff our family is all about. It is in there... in her heart. Our prayers for their hearts to be made like His are working.

Outside of our influence - on her own - she was thinking about Brighton.

Meron - this is SO MUCH MORE than a journal entry. This is a gift that mommy and daddy will cherish forever and ever...

Thank you, sweet girl. Thank you...

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