Monday, June 15, 2015

A Meron-ated Heart

Dear Meron ~

Today was your day. "Meron Day" as we like to call it. The day our family grew by one - the day you entered our hearts, our minds and our lives forever.

Yeah - we go out to eat and laugh and remember you as a tiny little girl and have dessert and all kinds of fun.

But this day is so much more to me, sweetie.

See that picture up there? See how you were hanging off the front of daddy - right near my heart? Wanna know why?

Because you were keeping it beating.

See... the two people who showed up in that tiny room in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia were two people with some seriously malfunctioning hearts.

Broken, I guess you could say.

Infertility had beaten us up and down and left us weary. Then... your brother Brighton went home far too early for my liking.

By the time mommy and I stumbled in to that little tiny room after a 24 hour trip - we were tired, we were scared, we were anxious and we were guarded.

But one thing we knew... one thing we NEVER doubted - was that God loved us. And He had some sort of thing up His holy sleeve for us.

So we entered that tiny room with broken, beaten down hearts - but with outstretched arms.

And God swooped in and filled those arms... with YOU!

Our hearts started beating again that day, Meron. That moment you came out, were handed to us and looked at us like:

"About time, people!"
Right then - we felt His presence.

It was like a Holy defibrillator had jumped started our hearts again.

And here's the best part... IT HASN'T STOPPED SINCE!

I mean - just look at what you did to your mommy... while she was already one of the most amazing people I have ever met - you took her and elevated her so much higher.

It's been nothing short of amazing to watch.

Meron - I just came back upstairs after checking on you and your brother and sister. It's thundering and lightning and I wanted to make sure you were okay.

Little Cider was curled up beside you and you were smiling in your sleep. I couldn't help but lay down beside you, hug you and say a prayer of thanksgiving.

Because you have been one incredible gift to our family, girl.

You never even woke up!

But one day - my hope is that you'll stumble upon this 'ole blog your daddy kept and you'll get to read this stuff - this crazy life God gave us.

And in that - I hope and pray that you see the depth and magnitude of love that mommy and I have for you.

Until then Meron - you just keep doing what you're doing - being awesome, being loving, chasing God and bringing smiles to the family.

I love you more than you will ever, ever know, sweet girl... HAPPY MERON DAY!

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