Saturday, June 6, 2015

Got a Lot of Granny Love to Give!

Granny has a dope little organization called "Sew to Sow" that sews awesome clothes for kids while praying over them and sends them all over the world.

She wanted to take some pis with the kids to include with the clothes - and as I was looking at them - I just had to record 'em all here because I think they perfectly illustrate how much our goofball gang loves their granny.

It's an immeasurable amount really...

Z-Dogg loves her so much that his hair gave up some room in the frame for Granny to be in there...

Mebbie adores her and can barely get enough of her when she's around!

Yep, Granny... it's official. You're loved by this group.

We're super proud of what you have done with "Sew to Sow" - but your love for the goofball gang trumps it all.

Thanks for loving on us the way you do!

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