Monday, June 22, 2015

Middle Mebbie

This girl right here keeps me smiling!

She may be jammed in the middle - between a loud, boisterous older sister and maniacal, whining little brother - but she isn't missing.

I see you Mebbie. I see you ALL THE TIME.

I see your:

  • deep thinking
  • silly laughter
  • big smile
  • love for your family
  • heart for kids
  • passion for caring
  • Awesome dancing
  • friendly disposition
  • selfless attitude
I see all of that girl.

And so, so much more...

Mebski Love - don't you dare ever stop being who you are!

God made you "Mebbie" in such a wonderful way - and you wear it well!

Daddy loves you so much big girl... don't ever forget it!

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