Monday, June 29, 2015


Sometimes... ya have one of those nights where it feels like ALL you are doing is disciplining.

I mean - ya know it's needed - but man does it stink.

And sometimes - when ya choose to really sick to your guns - ya sneak back down after they are snoozing real hard and ya just look at them. And pray over 'em. And kiss 'em goodnight... again.

And sometimes ya leave 'em a note at their breakfast spot - asking them and their brother and sister on a "movie night date" the next night.

Raisinets and all...

Because discipline is important. It really is.

But sometimes... the memories you can make together can teach deeper, bigger lessons.

Hang in there girl - life as a kid is tough and full of learning - but some of the BEST years you'll ever have!


Unknown said...

What a beautiful and true post. Randomly ran across your blog on my FB feed as a friend had liked or commented on it. Was encouraged by your words and faith. Praying all goes well with your wife's surgery and will pray for peace that passes all understanding for your family.

Tymm said...

hey - thanks so much for the kind words and prayers!