Friday, June 19, 2015

What Do They Think?

What's important to you? Your priorities will show it - whether you believe it or not.

Or better yet - what do YOUR KIDS think is important to you? They tell it like it is and it's kinda hard to hide from the youthful truthfulness of a child!

Somehow - at my morning bible study - we got on the topic of your legacy and what your kids see as the top three most important things to us as dads.

We were challenged to ask our kids - with no leading - that simple question:

"What are the three most important things to daddy?"

I didn't want them to try to answer me how they thought I wanted to hear - so I actually had Laura ask them to write it down while i was at work.

Scary thoughts while ya wait for those results! It's a big deal - because it kinda starts to shape the legacy you'll leave behind.

Mebbie said:
1. God!
2. Kids
3. Exercise

I'll take it... i need to work harder at expressing how important their mommy and our family is as a whole - but I'll take it!

Meron wrote down:
1. God
2. his family
3. Work

I was a little bummed that "work" made my top three - until Meron explained that what she meant was the "type of work I do at Compassion to help kids is important to me..."

And she is right... it is!

Then sweet Mebbie came with another list outta the blue...

she wrote:
1. i think he has a great heart
2. he has time for us
3. he has a heart for people

I will cherish these for as long as I am breathing.

I don't get it right that often - trust me.

But I am so thankful to our faithful God that He hears my prayers around being the best daddy i can be to these goofballs. I lean on Him daily to do it...

Girls - I appreciate your honesty, your hearts and your smiles and love! THANK YOU!

What do your kids think are the three most important things in their daddy's life?

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