Monday, July 6, 2015

But Names Will Never Hurt Me...

Hey Meron ~

There's this weird little nursery rhyme that goes something like this:

"Sticks and stones may break my bones
But names will never hurt me."
And while I think there's power in what that rhyme is trying to say... I also think there is a false sense of security in it as well.

See Meron... words CAN hurt us. Names DO hurt us.

Tonight at dinner - you nonchalantly told us "Some girl called me fat today at camp."

You saw your old, overprotective daddy, didn't you? I about lost it.

Because, baby girl... I believe in the power of words. And I hate when they are thrown around carelessly without any thought to the weight of them or the effect they have on others. I HATE IT.

I haven't always been the best person when it comes to careless use of words - but once you're on the receiving end of some that really sting - you change the way you look at them. And I have both been there and have changed my ways.

Meron - i know you tried to act like it wasn't a big deal - that's just who you are. But I saw it in your eyes - the hint of pain.

Girl - here is what daddy has to tell you about that little girl who said that.

That little girl? She is hurting on the inside. And because she is hurting - she wants to make others hurt too. Then she sees you - for the first time in her life - and she sees a beautiful, confident, smart, gorgeous, fit girl who just exudes "leadership."

And what does she do?

She lashes out in the way that kids know best - calling you names out of jealousy.

Sweetie - if you take anything away from this - take this here: those words she said against you are a REFLECTION OF HER and have not a single thing to do with you.

Because YOU - my sweet little angel - YOU were made in the image of God. To call you names is to call our God those names. You are the daughter of a magnificent King and a princess in His holy kingdom.

And don't you DARE ever forget it or think otherwise.

Ya know what I am going to choose to believe Meron? I am going to believe she meant "phat" when she called you that.

Because that - my hip little shadow - would be incredibly accurate! Ya know what "phat" means? It means "excellent!"

You are phat, dope, hip, fun and awesome.

And no words from a jealous and mean little girl can ever, ever take away what God made you to be.

Stand tall Meron. Stand Proud. And smile at that little girl - because you know something she clearly doesn't... how incredibly awesome you are!

Daddy loves you girl - and I have your back FOR LIFE.

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Imperfect Mom of Six said...

How sad to start so young to use words in a hurtful way.