Monday, July 13, 2015

First In Line

Hear me when I say this - because I believe the Holy Spirit delivers ALL truly heartfelt prayers to God... but I think the prayers of His little children get to jump to the front of the line!

I mean - we're told a lot about being like them, not harming or hindering them... I just think He wants us to be more like them and He holds them in super high regard...

It's those truths that I believe that have made the words coming out of these mouths this weekend and week so, so sweet.

They have been praying for their mommy - for His protection over her, for successful surgery, for full healing and for us as a family to somehow figure out a way to glorify Him BIG in all of this.

They have no idea the power of their words. They have no idea what it does to strengthen this daddy's heart and calm my fears to hear them remembering to lift their mommy up in prayer when really they could have just fired off a dinner time prayer of thanks.

Meron, Mebbie and Z-Dogg...

You guys may never know how big of a deal your prayers have been... both to me and to mommy.

Thank you guys so much. And never, ever stop talking to Him... because as much as daddy loves to hear from you...

He loves to hear from you even more.

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