Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Half-Way Out Of The Woods...

We are so blessed to have multiple families ready and willing and able to take our goofball gang in at the drop of a dime - so we're able to spread the crazy around and give families time to recover from our crew...

This morning - we dropped the guys off to hang out with some of their great friends - and we were back off to the hospital again.

Big, huge thanks to these families - you have no idea the amount of stress, fear and worry you are simply lifting right off of our shoulders.

Some how, some way - we will find a way to say THANKS.

Once we got down there - they moved pretty quickly and had Laura all decked out in a dope gown before we knew it.

As you can see - she was fiercely trying to keep up with all of the INCREDIBLE PRAYERS flying our way from all over this planet.

It's been overwhelming, humbling and has meant more than most of ya will probably ever know...

Soon the nurses, techs and anesthesiologist came in and chatted with us and kind of gave us some idea of what to expect...

Wait... what? That camera is going where?

We made fast friends with all of the amazing staff we came in touch with - and pretty soon everybody was laughing, talking about Zombies, humidity, snakes and shark attacks!

Quite the diversion. Big, big ups to the staff here man. They were amazing.

When it was time for Laura to roll out - they took me over to a nearby waiting room so my mind could wander all over the place.

And wander it did. Until the nurse leaned in and said: "There she is! Come on!"

Of course I snapped a pic with my phone as soon as I saw her

Right after this picture the nurses started shaking her awake - which was working until she became fascinated with her fingers and thought the nurses and I were the kids asking to go to the pool.

Gotta love sleepy drugs!

The anesthesiologist looked at me and said "I'm not supposed to say - but man it looked all good!"

I felt like 6 trillion pounds were lifted off my shoulders.

Next in was Dr. Delano - the guy I have been praying for without ceasing since I met him.

He had some fun pictures with him and he walked me and a very out-of-it Laura through them all.

There was one small polyp he removed and will have biopsied - very normal he said.

Entrance to appendix was visible and pretty swollen - definitely something going on in there.

Everything else looked good - and most importantly - NO CANCER IN THE COLON.

I repeat - no cancer in the colon!

This was a specific prayer request and we are beyond thrilled that His will for this was what it was.

Huge thanks for everybody who has been beating down the gates of Heaven on Laura's behalf.

Don't stop yet guys - we're only about half-way out of those woods now!

We had some good talks with Dr. Delano and we know what to expect tomorrow morning now.

Truthfully - cuz we wanna be all kinds of truthful with you guys - we are expecting him to remove at least some of the large intestine tomorrow. Laura asked him a good question - she said:

"If it was your wife - what would you do?"
He said honestly - if it looks "scary" when he gets a visual on it - he would take a portion of the intestine - and that's what he'd do on his wife too.

We so appreciate his candor and honesty - cuz now we know how to pray!

We also appreciated him saying Laura could eat a sandwich and some soup!

She hadn't eaten since Sunday evening - so after scooping the goofballs - we hit Panera for some soup and sandwiches.

Then it was home to get ready for an early bedtime - because Laura and I are up at 4:00 am and heading out at 4:45 to the hospital.

We spent a good chunk of the evening just reading prayers, messages, texts, comments and voicemails being sent her way.

You guys.... I mean... I am a guy who writes a lot of words and I got NOTHING.

So, so humbled by the actions of people all across the globe. Just so... humbled.

We know our big thing isn't your big thing. It's not lost on us that you guys have taken actual, real time to set aside and pray, reach out, share prayers, encouragement and inspiration.

It's not lost at all on us.

It's been amazing. And has been the thing that has sustained us.

Tonight - not too long ago - we received this message from some people who have their own big things going on:
"Father, You are the Hoffmans' refuge and fortress.

You give Your angels charge over Laura to defend and preserve and watch over her in all ways. They are camped around this precious family.

You are their confidence, firm and strong. Your Holy Spirit lives in Laura's body and You will set her free and make her wholly healed, we believe it and claim it, through Jesus.

Thank You even now, that You hear us and will bring her into full health, for Your glory and for the benefit of these precious ones who call her momma and wife.

God, we pray for Your peace to cover like a blanket, for Your presence to be physically felt in each one of the Hoffmans. Thank You for being the God who heals.

In Jesus' victorious name I pray, Amen!"
Tears are streaming even as I read it again. Laura came out from packing up for tomorrow when she got it and was just as awestruck as I was.

You guys really have no idea what your words and actions have meant...

So - as we closed up the night tonight - we did what we have done so many times - but tonight it felt a little bit holier.

Lots of praises for today's results - lots of praises for God - who daily blows us away with His love, mercy, grace and faithfulness to us.

And expectant prayers for tomorrow - that whatever it is He hands us - we will find the strength in Him to point back at Him loudly, proudly and make sure He is boldly glorified as much as we can.

Tomorrow is tomorrow... tonight I am still praising Him for the today that was today.


Imperfect Mom of Six said...

Thank you Lord. He upholds and strengthens. May He continue to put His arms around you and guide the surgeon's hands. Love from South Africa.

Sue Farris said...

I'm one of Stacy's friends in Conway, AR, and always enjoy reading your blog. I'm lifting your family, especially Laura, up in prayer.

Tracey said...

Praying in Pennsylvania!

Mary DeGennaro said...

Just read the post with the results of Tuesdays tests. Praising God for the good results. At this point (Wednesday afternoon), I am thinking Laura is out of surgery. I am on the East Coast. Will continue to lift your family up in prayer. Even though we have not met, I feel like I know your wonderful family, and love you all.