Thursday, July 16, 2015

Not Outta The Woods Just Yet

This morning we got up - rounded up the goofball gang - and dropped them off with some great friends who live in the neighborhood so Laura and I could head to her surgical consult visit.

Thank you so much guys - leaving the crew with you took one gigantic stress and worry off our plates! We owe you one (or maybe two or three!)

We pulled in to the hospital with paperwork in hand and Laura noted:

"Man... there isn't a cloud anywhere to be found! That blue sky is gorgeous!"
And she was right... it was.

As we sat in the waiting room and watched the demographic of the folks streaming in, I thought "Dude... this isn't the right season for us..."

We felt so outta place. We were outta place. But then I remembered - this stuff doesn't discriminate against anything or anybody.

I gotta share this little thing - cuz you KNOW we be trying to find us some God all over the place (cuz - let's face it - He IS all over the place).

One of our ongoing prayers - pretty regularly - is "God - go before us. Set the stage. Be there well in advance of us..."

Well - when Dr. Delano walked in he said "So... you guys know John, huh?"

Here's the thing... we DON'T know the John he was referencing. We know OF him... like 5 degrees of separation from him. We knew he used to work at the same surgical center as our doctor. We knew some folks from our church knew him. But what this told us was that somebody who knew us and knew John had been talking to our new Dr. about us.

ONLY GOD. He had gone before us...

So let me cut to the chase - cuz you guys have been praying so mightily for us - I want to give you a solid update. Here's where we stand:
Laura will have an exploratory procedure to check for cancer in some other areas and prep her for the next day

At 5:30 AM we will check in for surgery

Something is coming out
depending on what they find when they get in there - something is coming out. Either her appendix alone which could be experiencing a a chronic case of "walled off appendicitis" (low chance of this supposedly) or her appendix, the tumor and possibly the right half of her large intestine. And some lymph nodes for testing.

We're looking at 4-6 days in the hospital and then 4-6 weeks good recovery time for her.
So there ya go. That's what we're looking at.

We left a little overwhelmed but happy to be knowing things and moving forward with a plan.

I went back to work and Laura picked the goofballs up - and as we shared the news we found ourselves with questions... and more questions.

So, tonight we spent a good chunk of time on Facetime with my surgical nurse of a sister asking all kinds of questions and we narrowed them down to four that we want to get answered from the surgeon. Thanks Stacy for putting up with us and all of our questions!

We still believe in the doctor and think he was great - we just need some clarification on a few things. So Laura will be calling those in first thing in the morning.

So... now. You guys still down to pray? I am betting you are. Well - we'll take 'em cuz we're not outta the woods just yet.

Here are a few things we're trying to pray for - specifically. First off - will you pray for this dude with us?

That's Dr. Delano. We really liked him - super calm guy - confident not cocky - and gave us some real reassurance and peace.

We're specifically praying for this for him:
  • Wisdom
  • Discernment
  • Good eyes!
  • God to guide his hands and his vision to see what we need him to see
  • Knowledge of what he sees and quick judgement on how to handle it
  • Him to experience God in this somewhere and somehow
That's some of the things we're praying for the doc and his staff and everybody we interact with there.

Here's some of the other prayers we are feeling and sharing with Him:
  • Lord - Your will be done.
  • We would love Your will to be JUST appendicitis
  • No tumor
  • No cancer
  • Minimal impact on intestine
  • Fast recovery
  • No reaction to anesthesia
  • our beautiful children - the goofball gang - for God to hold them close and calm their fears, worry and stress
  • Our strength for each other
  • Laura's bravery, courage, strength and boldness
  • For us to be solid ambassadors for Him by finding every possible way to point to Him in this process
  • For us as a family to fully pick up this story He is writing and to share it how He wants us to
We cherish your prayers. Trust me when I say that they are felt and at times they are all that's holding us up right now.

Today was long. And Z-Dogg is displaying how we all felt at the end of it.

We'll get up tomorrow with renewed strength - in large part because of the prayers of you faithful prayer warriors.

Thank you SOOO much. It means more than you will probably ever know.

Now... how can we be praying for YOU?


Peter Smith said...

Wow, even through this process, you guys are blessing and teaching people about the LOVE of Jesus... including me!!
I'll be praying for you guys and for your Dr. especially!!
Humbled by your focus on Him!

Tymm said...

hey - thank you so much Pete for those kind words and those prayers!!

Greg Stenzoski said...

Hey Tymm and Laura,

Please know that we are standing with you in prayer and agreement for each and every point listed above. You WILL reap where you have sown and because you have been such a huge blessing to so many thru your foundation, your outreach ministry, and even your blog, YOU WILL BE BLESSED! We love you and are praying for all of you, and waiting for the "all clear" praise report coming soon! -- Greg Stenzoski

Faith said...

THe Sims family is praying for y'all. We will pray for the specifics! Prayer is the BEST thing that anyone can do for you and I believe you will have an abundance of those! ☺️

TheGingerPress said...

Some of us staff at the Y would like to provide meals during the recovery time, and baby sitting. We are all thinking about your family and sending up prayers. Our hearts go out to you, and our days at the Y are lacking without your beautiful faces there to bless our hearts. We miss you guys and look forward to helping anyway we can. ♡, your Y family. ♡, Tori

Tymm said...

Greg - thank you SO MUCH for those kind words and encouragement...

Tymm said...

Thank you Sims family! We're all about some specific prayer!

Tymm said...

Tori and the rest of the Y - thank you so much for the way you love our family! We appreciate it more than ya know!

waitingarms said...

Thanks for the update - praying for your family as you overcome this mountain with the same grace and strength that you lead your lives. A special prayer for the goofball gang, Laura and her doctors and yourself as you pull double duty in the next few weeks as Laura heals and recuperates.

Tymm said...

Thanks so much WaitingArms - we appreciate those prayers!

adrian.crawford said...

Love u guys and are praying! So glad we found out!
The Crawfords

Tymm said...

Thanks so much Crawfords!