Thursday, July 9, 2015

Our Warriorship

"I think I'm gonna go to the doctor..."

It caught my attention when she said it because - honestly - this girl is worse than a dude. She NEVER goes to the doctor.

But she was hopping on a flight to Ethiopia in 9 days and the pain was on the appendix side, so - ya know - better safe than sorry. She was in the doc's office that day and they said "Nope, no appendicitis!" But they went ahead and ordered an ultrasound to be safe.

Next day - ultrasound shows no potential appendicitis but it does turn up some weird out of place 9 cm thing. Of course - they couldn't tell us anything - but said we'd hear from our doctor - but probably AFTER the 4th of July holiday weekend.

"Great - we get to worry about some growth in her all weekend," I thought.

Next morning though - Friday - we get a call from her doctor's office. They couldn't be 100% sure without a CT Scan - but they THOUGHT her body was trying to regenerate a kidney.

Let me repeat that - REGENERATE A KIDNEY!

What the what??

Some of you may know that Laura only has one kidney - so this was some crazy news - but very welcome news as some of the fears dancing in my head were squashed.

Fast-forward to yesterday. Laura started fasting around noon - drank her barium shakes and headed to her CT Scan that afternoon. When she was done - they called her back in - had her lay a different way and did another one. Kinda odd... but again - they can't tell ya anything. They finally said "We sent the results to your doctor - you should hear from him soon."

"Soon" turned out to be about 45 minutes later...

Turns out Laura wasn't growing another kidney in there. Instead - we were looking at what they think to be a Mucinous tumor on her appendix.


But... NO! She is set to get on a plane in 48 hours - leading a team of 12 to go be His hands, feet and heart in the land we love. She has spent like 5 months prepping for this. Has SO MUCH to do there. So... no! A tumor doesn't work right now for us. Isn't this supposed to be way later in life?

"Well, no reason to panic," they said. "Let us talk to some people and we'll call you tomorrow," they said.

LOTS of tears last night. Lots of them. Some frustration. Some anger. Some fear. Lots of tears.

But we woke up with some renewed spirits. We talked as a family about how we are WARRIORS FOR CHRIST and it was moments like this in our lives that define and shape our WARRIORSHIP.

Then the phone rings around 9:00 AM. Our doctor had talked to an oncologist and the report:

"Do NOT get on that plane."

They were treating the tumor as a worst case scenario - not knowing if it was malignant or not. If that thing ruptured in the air or in Ethiopia and it WAS malignant - it could spill destructive cells into her abdomen and impact a LOT more than what it was now.

Now I'm a risk taker. But even I know where to draw the line. My wife... my best friend... my lifeline... the best mom ever... was NOT getting on that plane.

Laura was and still is crushed to not be heading to Ethiopia tomorrow. But God has brought together an incredible team - with a lot of repeat folks and has led us to a great leader who will be leading this team for us. Laura is so bummed to be watching from this side of the ocean - but we just know Andy is gonna be a rock star at this for us and we trust him fully with Brighton's story.

"So what's next?"

Well - for starters - we pulled our whole group of warriors together and we have been praying our faces off.

Like... nonstop.

We've got prayer warriors everywhere praying for Laura, the doctors, our Brighton Their World team... and we believe in the power of it all.

We're stockpiling our faith - together - our faith will strengthen us all and we'll find what we need to lean on Him.

We're trusting His sovereign position over it all. We know He writes amazing stories and we believe that is EXACTLY what He is doing. We are trusting His story writing ability!

We're gonna love on mommy like there's no tomorrow. She's hurting, frustrated, sad, mad, scared... and we're gonna trump all that with LOVE.

We're gonna love like Ethiopians love... BIG!

I told Laura we'd try to make next week feel like she was in Ethiopia... so we'll love big. And maybe I'll ignore all traffic laws, tie a goat to the roof of our van, sing lots of worship songs and require the whole family to be flexible with planning all week long.

That oughtta do it.

But mostly - we're gonna trust Him. He won't forsake us. We're not forgotten. He is right here in the middle of it all with us.

We LOVE you Laura. And we LOVE your Warriorship!


Soko said...

Hoffmans! When I read the story of this mountain you are facing, I immediately thought of all of the other mountains you have already faced together as a family, as a TEAM, and have conquered through the power of Christ. I can't help but think about the words of Donald Miller in A Million Miles in a Thousand Years when he says "A good story is about a character who wants something and overcomes conflict to get it." Minus the conflict, there is no such thing as a good story. God is writing an AMAZING story with your lives! Our team is praying for you all as you walk through this together.

Tymm said...

thank you so much for those kind and encouraging words! Your prayers mean the entire world to us.... said...

I LOVE the Hoffmans. Will be praying for you, Laura. Sometimes we have to slam on the brakes in life and it turns out to just see the gloriousness of God and the preciousness of life. You guys are already all over maybe it's to be faithful stewards of this experience. I know you will shine in this, and I will pray for the joy of the Lord, as you enjoy each other and Ethiopia this week, from this side of the Pond.

Love you guys,

Tymm said...

thank you so much Deb... your love and support is so encouraging!

Mary DeGennaro said...

Will be praying for all of you!

Tymm said...

thanks so much Mary!

waitingarms said...

Praying for Team Hoffman.