Monday, July 20, 2015

Pre-Op Day

"Hey Meron - wanna go hang with your fun friends or would ya rather come to the hospital with mommy and daddy for mommy's pre-op meeting?"

The answer was kind of a given and the goofball gang got to hang out with some of their coolest friends that they absolutely adore.

Meron did say:

"I think I'll stay and hang out with our friends - cuz you guys will come home and tell me everything... right?"
She's our little 25 year old 7 year old.

The pre-op went off without a hitch. Other than this "THING" Laura has going on - she is downright healthy!

Simple meeting where they basically just told us what to expect the morning of.

Next... it was time for Mommy to prep for tomorrows... uh... "procedure"

Let's just say - they needed mommy's tank on empty tomorrow.

This seemed like a procedure best done without an audience... so the goofballs and I escaped across the street for a chilly evening swim.

Spirits were high tonight. From everybody in the house - dogs included!

That's a full on testament to the amount of prayers being poured out for Laura.

Big huge thanks to everybody who is watching kids, lending a hand or saying prayers on our behalf...

You guys are all amazing and "Thank You" simply doesn't seem enough.

But thank you anyways. Thank you very, very much...

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Renate said...

My thoughts and prayers will be with you tomorrow.