Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Stitches Part II

On Saturday - I posted this blog post above about "Meron keeping me in stitches..."

My friend Sharon posted the comment up there - thankful that it was the silly kind of stitches.

Then today - I got this picture from Laura with the heads up that Z-Dogg had wiped out in the backyard and smacked his face against the concrete porch...

And she was afraid it might need stitches cuz it was crazy deep!

She headed off to urgent care with me being worried about little man.

I asked her how he was handling things at one point and she sent me this:

"He is good. He is silly!" she said.

3 stitches in his lip later and they were on their way home.

When I walked in he was quick to come hustling to show me his lip...

And I couldn't stop telling him how brave he was. He was semi-smiling - cuz "it hurt to smile daddy" he said...

Z-Dogg... daddy is proud of how tough ya were today buddy!

Here's to healing lips and your first real major boo-boo!

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