Friday, July 24, 2015

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

Seems like such a simple two words when held up against the mountain of prayers sent up for Laura and our family these past couple weeks.

"Thank you."

Tiny. Simple. Almost empty in comparison.

But it's what we have to offer - with hopes we'll never have to return the favor but promises that we will should it be necessary.

The prayers of you guys - friends, family, people we don't know... people close by and those far, far away...

Those prayers were so POWERFUL.

And man did they ever work...

It was knowing you guys were praying that bolstered our faith... caused us to lean in to Him even harder.

Held us up.

Strengthened us.

Gave us the confidence we needed...

To head straight into this craziness with expectant attitudes.

And then.... then this THING goes down.

And all we know how to do is point back at Him.

He hears prayers. He HEARD yours and mine.

And He moved on our behalf.

We believe that we get to sit here hugging on this girl tonight with no long-term fears because of the way you went to our Father for us.

Thank you seems like such a simple two words.... but... THANK YOU.

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