Friday, July 17, 2015

The Love of the Father

Tonight - if I could take the words "You're fat!" hurled at Meron and have them hurled at me... I would.

Tonight - if I could take the weeks of mean words during school that Mebbie endured and stick 'em to me instead... I would.

Tonight - if I could take the "Hmmm... your skins black!" comment that was made to Zechie and stick it in my ear instead... I would.

And tonight- if I could take the thing growing inside Laura and put it inside me so I could do this surgery in her place... I would do it in a heartbeat.

Tonight.. I kinda get what God must feel like with his immeasurable amount of love for us and His undying desire to bring us close to Him. It's that Fatherly Love that I had heard so much about but struggled so hard to understand...

I just wanna protect these guys - all of 'em. Physically, mentally, spiritually... I wanna protect them.

I love you, Camp Hoffman. More than ya know...

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