Sunday, July 26, 2015

Why Do You Do That?

Every now and then we get the question...

""Why do you guys do that? Live life so openly on that blog of yours?"
And hey - look - I get it. For the record - it wasn't gonna be like this.

When we started blogging back in like 2007 - I remember telling Laura "I am not gonna be one of those crazy bloggers..."

The plan was to keep friends and family updated on the adoption. That was really it.

But over the years - as our family has grown and been challenged in particular areas and we've chosen to write about it here - we've watched the blog morph in to this neat and effective extension of our family ministry.

We've met people we consider great friends for no other reason than this blog. We've seen our daily ongoing prayer of "being a family that can impact the world for HIS glory" come to life several times as we hear from random unknown people about something on the blog that just clicked with them and how they relate to God.

And honestly - those times alone make the blogging effort worth it.

And maybe - just maybe - I've turned into one of those crazy bloggers.

Just a little bit...

But truthfully... I'm okay with it.

Yes - we live our lives wide open. I mean... come on - we're SAFE about it. We're not nutty and stupid (in our minds at least).

And at times it can be odd - like the time I was in an elevator in a hotel in Washington D.C. and the person kept staring at me only to say:
"Do you have a daughter with really big hair? I think I read your blog..."
Or the time that Laura and I were chased down by woman in the Atlanta Airport yelling:
"Excuse me! Excuse me! Are you Meron's mom?"
Sure - those times can feel a little odd (okay a LOT odd)...

But we believe the most compelling stories are the ones that are thrown out there in all their gory detail. Be it movies, music or any other form of storytelling - I think as humans we are most drawn to the ones that feel the realest.

And the past 2 weeks or so have just driven that truth home to me.

On July 9th - after we had heard from some doctors about some scary stuff and things were starting to look a little unknown, scary and unpredictable... I remember looking at Laura and saying "You know we have to write about all of this, don't you?"

She didn't miss a beat when she said "Yep!" and thus was born the post that kinda started it all - "Our Warriorship."

And the reaction to that post is what has had me just in awe and thinking about what compels people to pray and read and be concerned.

I mean - SO MANY PEOPLE reached out to us with encouraging words, kind thoughts and actions and heartfelt prayers lifted to Him on our behalf.

It was stunning, humbling and remarkable.

And they didn't stop over the next couple weeks - rather they just increased!

And then there was the outcome of it all which just solidified what we already knew and believed about prayer and His people coming to Him.

Prayer works.

Real stories compel people to relate - and once you relate it's hard to not want to be involved - and a LOT of times that involvement looks like prayer.

And - Christian brother and sister to Christian brother and sister type of influence is one thing... but we heard from several people over the past few weeks who flat out admitted they struggle with Jesus (or don't know Him at all), they struggle with faith and they were finding something about our situation (or the way we shared the whole story) compelling to them.

Wait... what?

Well... THAT makes writing this stuff - the big and the small of our lives and how we handle it, how we seek Him in it and how we try with everything we got to bring Him glory in it - THAT makes it absolutely worth it by itself.

When Jesus climbed up on that cross, died a bloody death for you and me and then filled our hearts with Himself in the form of the Holy Spirit - He didn't do it so we could take our bright light of Him and hide it under a bushel...


He wanted us to go and make some noise in His name!

So come on!

As much as we love sharing the good, the bad and the ugly... the big, the small and the nonsensical... I think we like HEARING a good authentic and real story even more.

So don't leave us hanging... WHAT'S YOUR STORY?

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Imperfect Mom of Six said...

My story is at my blog. And yep, I've also had a version of your question. Mine is, "You write so openly about yourself." I can't hide anything. I need to be authentic and real.