Friday, August 21, 2015

Character Worthy of an Award

Meron came home from school today rocking a certificate declaring her a "Character Award Recipient" for her character trait of success!

I couldn't be any more proud of how hard she works at school!

I mean - we know all these awesome things about our girl - but it's pretty cool to read the words written by somebody else at her school...

She told us that somebody came to the classroom and presented this to her in front of her classroom - and she was the only student in the whole school to get the award in the area of "success."

They also gave her a little bracelet that had the school name and "success" stamped on it - just to remind her!

Meron - mommy and daddy know what you are capable of - and it's pretty cool to see it come flowing outta ya!

Keep up the hard work girl - but most importantly - keep shining for HIM!

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