Sunday, August 23, 2015


This house was ABUZZ tonight. In a big way.

Cuz tomorrow a certain somebody special lands in Colorado to hang out for a week...

That's right people - GRANNY IS COMING!

And this crew couldn't be more pumped up about it!

The "grann-ticipation" level was HIGH - and led by this little ringleader right here - the goofballs got down to making some welcome signs!

Sorry Granny - one blog post stipulation was that I did not show the entire signs!

So you just have to wait until tomorrow!

And while we know that Granny is probably dying to lay a big fat hug on Mommy since she hasn't seen her since all this CRAZY SURGERY stuff went down...

The whole camp is dying to see you too Granny!

Safe travels - and the hugs start tomorrow evening!

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