Saturday, August 22, 2015

Hands and Feet

I had just finished up my run this morning when I got the text from Laura:

"Hey - what are you doing today?"
Honestly - it was early, I was done with my run... pretty sure the day's schedule had a big, fat "NOTHING" penciled in there...

I told her that and she said:
"Well... [NAME WITHEHLD] is having surgery soon and some people were supposed to come help with yard work but several have backed out - can I take the girls and go help?"
As if she even has to ask me that...

And so she these three grabbed their water, their gloves and met up with another awesome mom and her kids and they went and spent a couple hours pulling weeds for a friend in the community who couldn't do it herself.

With all that was poured out on us over the last few weeks - how could we NOT go help?

A little thing? Sure.

But often it's in those little things that He get's glorified the most.

Thankful for opportunities to try and be more like Him and even more thankful for family members who jump at the chance...

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Abby said...

That person is blessed to have such amazing people who jump at an opportunity to serve!