Saturday, August 8, 2015

Inclined To Do The Incline

Lately I have been trying to jump-start my outta shape self back in gear with as many rounds of Incline climbs and Barr Trail runs as I can squeeze in to my world...

The Incline is something of a local tradition for those trying to boos their cardio here in Colorado Springs. It climbs 2,000 feet in about .9 miles.

Let me do the quick math for you... that is... uh... STEEP.

Well - the goofball gang has been wanting to come see what it's all about - and today while Mommy was in Denver at a conference - they convinced me to bring them along!

We kept it a sort of "Intro" hike and didn't go super far up it - but they OWNED it like the bosses they are!

I had to tell this girl here to SLOW DOWN or I am pretty sure she would have left us all in the dust and been waiting at the top!

This long-legged runner of ours was killing it too!

Honestly - I am gonna come back with just the girls and I am pretty sure we can make it to at least the 2/3 bailout spot.

Even little-legged Z-Dogg was rocking it for a 3 year old!

My favorite quote of the day - when we weren't busy singing Beastie Boys lyrics - was from Mebbie, when she said:

"It's awesome out here! We get to exercise AND see all the really cool stuff God has made!"
Spot on girl. Spot on.

Manitou Incline - you haven't see the last of us!

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