Thursday, August 6, 2015

Oh... How He Loves Us

We had what we hoped was going to be Laura's last follow up appointment today.

And when I say "we" I mean - the whole fam rolled up in that place with her - 5 deep.

Cuz we got her back.

And we confirmed what we already knew God had done for her. Zero signs of cancer. Healing just right. Cleared for pretty much everything.

"When all of a sudden, I am unaware of
these afflictions eclipsed by glory,
And I realize just how beautiful You are,
And how great Your affections are for me."
All day long I couldn't shake the feeling that she was so protected. So watched over. So loved by Him and those home with Him already.

And then He stuck these words in my head:

I'm proud of you, mommy - for the person you are,
And you should know - we all watched you up here from afar;

God called out my name - He said "Brighton! Come here!"
"I've got something I want you to see and to hear..."

Then He pulled up a cloud and said "Here, B - get comfy,"
"I'm about to do something kinda cool with your mommy"

Then the earthly stuff started and it came with some pain,
But God smiled and said "Watch son, she'll lean on My name"

And you did mommy - loudly - and I beamed so proudly,
And God? He just grinned - He doesn't really get too rowdy;

I saw daddy was scared and my sisters were too,
And I wished they knew then what I knew to be true;

That our God who knows Heaven AND Earth where you dwell,
This God who created us? He can fix us as well!

And He did it - right there - right in front of my eyes,
He just whispered, "No tumor. How's that for a surprise?"

And at first I was confused - I just found it all odd,
I said "Why'd you put mommy through all of that, God?"

He stifled proud tears and said "Son, that's My daughter,"
"Did you see how she pointed it all back at her Father?"

"And there's at least 7 people who've reached out to know Me,"
"All because of the love that your mommy has shown Me"

"And that's just the surface B, you'd never believe,"
"All the things I accomplished these last couple weeks."

Then God walked away - all of Heaven heard your prayers!
And I saw Him - He pumped both His fists in the air!

So when you look at those scars that heal up on your tummy,
I didn't come from in there - but I'm SO proud you're my mommy!

The idea of Brighton and God kicking it while He healed Laura blows my mind... but it could be.

I am so stinking thankful that she is okay.

That she is perfectly fine.

Because HE is perfectly amazing.

We would have praised Him regardless of the outcome - because He is worthy of praise regardless of our circumstances.

His perfect love trumps our circumstances.




Thank You God... for choosing us to be part of Your story.

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