Monday, August 3, 2015

Shining Everywhere They Go

Today was the first day of school for these two big girls!

We have one brand new first grader...

And this one holding down the second grade like a champion!

We also have this little Superman - who is DESPERATE to be doing school like his big sisters!

Watching them walk off together was just about more than he could handle...

And he tried to put an end to it!

We all paused right outside the school doors, circled up, grabbed hands and prayed for the first day of school.

We prayed for the teachers, the students, the administrators. And we prayed something we pray just about every day:

"Lord - give these girls the strength, courage and wisdom to be bright lights for You in all they say and do!"
Then we hugged it out and walked the girls to class... they were both excited mixed with a little nervousness...

Back home, Laura capitalized on Z-Dogg's desire to be a student by jumping straight into some home-school work.

He loved it!

Later that afternoon we got emails from the girls' teachers saying how great the day had gone so far.

Laura responded to Meron's teacher and told her how we had been praying for her and her students. (We didn't reply to Mebbie's teacher cuz Meron had her last year and we HOPE she knows how much we love her and pray for her regularly!)

Meron's teacher responded back and said this:
"Meron rocked out today behaviorally! Jesus shines through her. She is amazing and I am jealous of that girl’s hair!"
I mean... I don't think I could be any more proud of her or any more grateful for our prayers being heard.

First day... and that light was shining BRIGHT enough to be seen already.

When Meron got home she also told us that her teacher had announced to the whole class:

"Meron's parents have been praying for me and all of you students!"

And then Meron AND her teacher shared that they both were adopted and they both took questions about it from the class.

We warned her Meron was a leader...

Both girls were super giddy when they got home and seemed all kinds of excited about what the new school year had in store for them.

God is crazy the way He lines things up some times.

Girls... you did it.

You went and outdid the first day of school like only you guys know how to do - and you were shining bright for Him in the process!

Keep shining M&M - KEEP SHINING!

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